LT-B Pro Series CPU (POS Ready)

LT-B Pro Series CPU (POS Ready)

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LT-B Pro Series CPU (POS Ready)

Usage: for LT-B Pro Series (POS Ready) Fuel Dispenser Electronic Controller

Condition: Brand New

Technical specifications:

Ambient Temperature: -35°C~55°C
Humidity: ≤95%
Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
Working Voltage: *AC110V±20%  *AC220V±20%  *AC380V±20%  *DC12V- DC24V  
Frequency:   (50±1)Hz / (60±1)Hz  
Single amount or flow count range:   0~9900.00(664) / 0~999000.00(886)
Unit price range: 0~99.99(664), 0~9999.99(886)
Value range of Turn-off valve: 0~0.99 L
Counting range of shift totalizer: 99999999(664), 9999999999(886)
Counting range of general totalizer: 999999999999
Query 9 previous fueling data
Integer stop and rounding
Electronic calibration
7 digit electromagnetic totalizer
Printer or Voice report ( Optional)
ID card fueling mode ( Optional)
RS-485 or RS-490 communication interface that enable fuel dispenser to communicate with fuel management system (Optional)


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