LT-B Series CPU (Non-POS)

LT-B Series CPU (Non-POS)

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LT-B Series CPU (Non-POS)

Usage: for LT-B Series (Non-POS) Fuel Dispenser Electronic Controller

Condition: Brand New

Technical specifications:

Ambient Temperature: -40ºC~+55ºC
Relative humidity: ≤95%
Air pressure: 86~106kPa
Power Voltage: *AC220V±20%   *AC380V±20%   *AC110V±20% 
Frequency: (50±1)Hz / (60±1)Hz 
Single amount or flow count range:   0~9900.00(664) / 0~999000.00(886)
Unit price range: 0~99.99(664), 0~9999.99(886)
Accumulative range: 0~9999999999.99
Electronic Calibration
7 digit electromagnetic totalizer
Voice and printer (option).
Fueling times limit function.
Function of locking pump.
Stop fueling by integer sale.
Can be used in many country with different currency rate
RS-485 or RS-490 communication interface that enable fuel dispenser to communicate with fuel management system (Optional)


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