One Titan Flow meter
One Titan Flow meter
One Titan Flow meter
One Titan Flow meter

One Titan Flow meter

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One Titan Flow meter

Product Description:

One Titan flow meter adopts advanced technology which can be widely used for different fuel dispensers. It has the advantage of high flow, long working life, high accuracy firm structure and easy installation.

The function of flow meter is to record the volume of oil liquid flowed out. For a flow meter, the measurement accuracy is regarded as its most important feature. The metal piston & leather cup piston flow meter are the two most common types of flow meter. Whenever a certain amount of liquid passed, it will cause a angular deviation to the flow meter transmission shaft, and then the pulse generating gadget will give out a certain pulse signal to indicate the volume.

Features and Benefits:

  • The plunger seal that is positioned with the cup toward the fluid. This provides longer life and eliminates "blow-by" for superior overall performance and accuracy
  • Using bushing to replace bearings provide longer life time and high precision
  • The meter uses a direct drive to the pulser which is equipped with an adjustable timeout feature for fuel theft prevention
  • 100% Factory tested to ensure absolute "leak proof" quality

Technical Specifications:

Discharge Rate Per Revolution:        0.473 L
Flow Range:                                      5-100 L/min
Working Pressure:                          0.12Mpa - 0.35Mpa
Accuracy:                                        ±0.2%(5L/min-100L/min)
Repeatability:                                   ≤ 0.1%
Working Life :                                 ≥ 10000000 L

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